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  Our goal is to provide cat lovers with an alternative to the typical cat "tree"- usually a structure of sorts covered almost entirely with carpet, some of which seem to lack durability and / or stability.

  All stock used for the trees made by The Happiest Cat comes from fallen or dead trees- no living  or  healthy trees are harvested! The variety at hand in the great Pacific Northwest allows for truly unique, one of a kind items. What you purchase will NOT turn up at a neighbor or friend's house. Durability is as important as aesthetics, and each tree is built to last many years. Every tree is also carefully balanced to maximize safety- preventing tipping. 

 Regardless of the end product- be it a cat tree, dog bowl tree, bird tree or whatever else comes to mind for our lovely pets, the intention is to provide folks with the highest quality work available. In addition to the available line of cat trees, custom orders are gladly accepted, tailored to meet individual needs. 

 As more ideas come to mind and time allows, more variety will be showcased in the inventory- recently adding elevated dog feeders, and looking into making bird trees too.  Occasionally, repair work on various scratching posts and trees is performed- from light tune-ups to major overhauls. Eventually, having a dedicated department to handle repair work is ideal, but for now, we are only able to fit in occasional side projects of this nature.


  The Happiest Cat appreciates all of our customers, and your satisfaction is of the highest importance. Should routine work be needed in the future, we welcome local customers to bring their tree by. Charges only apply for materials required for repairs, and shipping as applicable- labor is at no charge. As an example, if the carpet is worn, or a different color is desired, only the cost of the carpet will be charged. 

  Due to the unique stock we work with, our inventory changes on the regular. If you have an idea of what requirements your tree should have, in terms of height and the number of shelves, or custom items like cat beds or access holes in the shelves, feel free to leave us a message at, or call Sam at (503) 481-7896, and we will get back to you promptly. 












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  • "My cats like the tree. Thank you, Rebecca"
  • ""Everyone loves the tree! It's sculptural art that looks beautiful in my home & the cats are really enjoying it too! Sam was wonderful to work with and even accommodated special..."
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