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a new castle

Posted by lilboyblueeyes on January 12, 2012 at 10:15 PM Comments comments (9897)

 Cats with a shy or reserved personality tend to be leery of new objects brought into the home- sometimes to the point of giving a wide berth. Below are a few suggestions to help break the ice between your feline(s) and their new tree. Try any combination of the following tips to help ease your cat through this transition....

 1) Put the tree in a favorite hangout. On familiar turf, your cat will be inclined to investigate the new addition. It may take a day or two, but gradually he or she will progress from investigating the tree to taking ownership by climbing it.

 2) Place a favorite toy on the tree- within eyesight if possible. Seeing a familiar mouse or other toy on the tree offers reassurance to the cat, and can help increase the "curiosity" phase.

 3) A liitle pinch.. adding catnip around the base, and on 1 or 2 shelves should help kitties anxiety. If you prefer not to use catnip, try substituting a cat treat or a small dish of food for him / her.

 These tips should do the trick. Usually, bold cats don't need outside encouragement, but the tips above are a good start. In no time your happy cat will be the "happiest cat."